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    Concrete gray tiles have become a new decoration style, especially for young people.
    We have a huge selection for beautiful concrete flooring tiles ranging from light gray to dark gray. Laying concrete tiles is a great way to show your personality and style in any residential or commercial application on both walls and floors.
    Concrete Light Gray: C6001 600X600MM 24’’X24’’
    Concrete Gray: C6002 600X600MM 24’’X24’’
    As a leading tiles supplier to USA,South America, Southeast Asia, Russia and Middle East, we have supplied thousands of projects successfully .
    Concrete Gray: C6004 600X600MM 24’’X24’’

    Concrete Gray: C165F 600X600MM 24’’X24’’
    Our Workshop:
    Company Profile:
    Located in Zibo City- the second largest tiles industrial base in China , ZIBO J&C TILES . is a leading tiles manufacturer and exporter. We started as a small corporation, but now have become one of the leading Ceramic Tile Suppliers in China.
    After 10 years’ development, we earned a good reputation in the market because we have a variety of tiles with the most competitive price, best service and great quality.
    Our main products contain:
    1)Matt Floor Tiles
    2)Glazed Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles
    3)Ceramic Wall Tiles
    4)Wooden Floor Tiles
    5)Micro Crystal Tiles
    6)Outdoor Permeable Bricks
    7) Full Body Marble Effect Tiles
    All the tiles are in excellent quality with features such as authentic texture, good flatness, high porcelain body ,low water absorption, strong wearable resistance, high glossiness, various colors, full size range and so on.
    We always insist "customer first and quality is the basis" and try our best to establish win-win relationship between customers and us. We believe that our qualified products and excellent service would bring a magnificent future for you and us.Matt Tiles manufacturers
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