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cheap Lamination Machine For Garments

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    Yancheng Xuhua Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional factory specialized in designing and manufacturing Laminating Machine, Cutting Machine, Strip Cutting Machine, Blanking Machine & Slitter Machine.
    The factory is located at Dagang Development Zone, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, near to Shanghai city.
    Over years, the enterprise has been continuously researching and developing new products under the support of scientific research institutions. It has accumulated strong technical strength and new manufacturing techniques. With high starting point and strict requirements, it is casting the industry brand.
    Now the company has developed 15 series of products totaling more than 60 specifications for laminating, slitting, stamping, cutting, embossing, pressing, forming and production line such as "Xuhua" brand cloth bonding machine, energy saving laminating machine, net belt laminating machine, polar fleece laminating machine, hot melt powder dot laminating machine, glue dot transfer laminating machine, hot melt powder dot transfer laminating machine, sizing dot transfer laminating machine, adhesive tape laminating machine, flame laminating machine, extrusion laminating machine, glue spray laminating machine and other series of products, which are sold well throughout the country and exported far to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and areas, receiving deep favor from customers at home and abroad.
    Looking into the future, Xuhua personnel will continuously research and develop high-tech products and provide high quality service for customers with the strict and down-to-earth working style and honest and sincere management conception.
    Customers are warmly welcomed to visit our factory any time!cheap Lamination Machine For Garments
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